Beautiful blossom!

Blossom tree beauty!

We love our canopy blossom trees! They’re such a great statement piece and really do add a WOW factor!

Standing at 11ft tall, you can hire them to use together to create a beautiful blossom canopy, or use them separately to frame entrances, musicians or even your cake table! Due to their height, they’re only suitable for venue with tall ceilings, but we can still help if your venue has a lower ceiling with our cloud blossom trees. These also look lovely framing your entrance, at the side of your ceremony or top table, or can even be used to make your table plan!

There are different options for the branches too! Our ivory blossom is the most popular, but we can also offer full green leaf branches if you’re after more of a rustic woodland woodland. Add some ivy to the trunks to complete the look! Other colours and flower styles are also available, so please do ask if you’re looking for something different!


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